Sony ICF-9550W

Sony ICF-9550W 1972-1977?

This radio is a phenomenal performer in both radio reception and sound, its very loud and proud and has nice warm sounds bellowing from a wood cabinet, you can’t go wrong with this radio! It offers separate bass and treble control with illuminated dial light and needle marker. This radio offers external FM radio screw lugs, the Canadian models offer a external tape out jack, why this option was not offered on the American models baffles me, but can be added easily.

In my sample, I cleaned all switches and knobs, I also updated the dial lights to white LED and replaced the needle light with a regular lamp, I added two (2) LEDS but should have added four (4), if I get bored, I’ll tear it apart again and do just that.  I also completely replaced all electrolytic capacitors.

Please watch my video:

Or screen grabs from my video.

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