Project: IBM T42 & Dock Station / Port Replicator 
Year Of MFG: 2003

I purchased this vintage laptop to run vintage operating systems to run vintage software for my vintage video and still cameras, do I really need to run them to retrieve the files, no not 100%, however it is nice to have the right tools for the job!

I am really impressed with this laptop as far as its diversity in OS’s that it can run…and yes, they are even supported by Lenovo! I have installed WIndows 7 Ultimate with almost no issues, you will need to manually tell it where to look for the driver, it will fail if you let it look on its on, otherwise its a very stellar machine. Its also very noteworthy to mention the long battery life and how inexpensive it is to buy a new battery.

These laptops are very reasonable on eBay and can be had in most cases around $20 USD in working condition. Then you can pimp them out for a few shillings more, I highly recommend them if your needs are not one who plans on taking over the world but needs a great machine for school, email and even watching videos online, it can handle it…after all they were targeted for the business market!

On the internet:
IBM T42 page on Lenovo’s site.
Detailed Specification
Driver Page

Please check out my overview video:

Or Photo’s:

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