Tenma 72-6547 20MHz Oscilloscope

Tenma 72-6547 20MHz Oscilloscope – Overview 

Just a quick correction, at the 10:06 minute mark, I say “MHz” when I meant to say “KHz”.

I bought my very first oscilloscope, how exciting I know! In this video, you’ll see that I have a small workbench and real estate is a premium, so my tools must be small to accommodate my space. That means, I would not be able to acquire nice big gear such as the HP Agilent 8657 signal generator or a function generator such as the Hantek HDG2012, tools I would enjoy very much owning and using!

My future plans are to remodel my working environment, however, I would only gain about three (3) more feet for the main table and of course I would rebuild my shelves to match the length, even though I will gain more room, I will still need to be mindful of space. 

My plans are to purchase something like the Hantek DSO5102 or even the Hantek DSO5202, I’m really not sure at this point what all I need other than small and flat. I do know everyone recommends at least a 100MHz scope, so, that will be my bases.  Trolling on eBay, I found and purchased for an amazingly low price of $26 and some change, that included shipping, wow I know!  🙂 How could one go wrong?

My thoughts with this scope is to teach myself how to use and what exactly it is I may need when it comes time to purchase.  And if I blow this hope in my travels of learning, well then it won’t hurt quite as bad! 

I would like to ask, if anyone knows where I can get a owners manual and even a service manual please let me know, I would also like to know the year this came out and its sale price.  Any info would be greatfully appreciated.

Please enjoy!

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