Key Fob Shell Replacement

Today we replace an aging key fob for one of my vehicles, over the years one tends to accidently drops it, or is it for fun and or profit? Either way, I picked up two (2) replacement shells as the electronics are fine, another eBay purchase and checkout the splendid award winning packaging, just amazing!

Today’s video is recorded on a 1998 Sony CCD-TRV99 Hi8 video camera, I did not record to tape, I recorded straight to my hard drive, why? Why not, I own so many cameras, both video and still, might as well use them once in a while!  In PP (post production) I did correct the white balance as it was to warm and there’s really no true way of adjusting it in camera without a tape in the deck, I also adjusted the white, black and grey point. Will review this camera in a future video.

Video On YouTube
Video On Vemeo

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