Kmart Model 06-31-62

Kmart Model #06-31-62 Boombox – 1979/1980

In 1980 my father had purchased this radio new for me as a gift, I had spent many hours listening to it, it is a simple basic radio, it was a simple basic time in life, no worries of my favorite radio stations going off air or changing formats and mom and dad will be around forever.

In time, the doo-wop, country and big band stations changed formats, the age of my innocent, the simple life was over in a blink of an eye, I had lost the radio and my mother & father to time.

This radio by all means is no performer, it is a plain and basic radio however it made noise and sounds ok for what it is and its one and only redeeming cool quality is it has two (2) antennas. One day last year I decided I want that radio and my folks back…realistically the radio is all I could ever get back, so after a year of searching, I finally found it and no matter the price, I was going to make it mine, and after paying more than it’s worth, I own it again.

I think I finally understand why older folks try to re-live their youth and buy stuff from their past, by all means I’m not old, am I? ┬áBy birth year, I guess so but not in the head…I still feel young plus, I do not even look my age, I pass easily as 20 years younger.

I also have a better understanding of the meaning “if I knew then what I know now”….boy, how I would do things differently….and no, I don’t have any plans to get a fast car and an even faster girl…I’ll stick with the classic and classy kind!

Now when I look at or even use this radio, it will allow me to relive my youth in memories and in my memories I will once again be with my mother and father.

Dad, just in case I didn’t convey my appreciation to swell back then, thank you, thank you very much for the radio it means the world to me….

If anybody has a schematic for this radio, please contact me, I’d like to have a copy.

Please enjoy my video:

Or screen grab photos:

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