Oubao WJ 368 IC / PLCC Remove Tool

Oubao WJ-368 IC / PLCC Remove Tool:

Needed such a tool to work on my vintage frequency counter, it sat for about 20 years unused, went to use it and it had some issues, in the steps to fix, I thought it suffered from chip creep, I decided to purchase the proper tool as opposed to using a golden screwdriver as I have done many times before, at $3.85US with free shipping, I am glad I did, its a tool at this point I feel should last sometime or at least get my $3.85 worth!  🙂

They sell this tool under many brands on eBay, I would very easily surmise it’s the same tool, just a different name…all from China no doubt!
The tool is made of nylon and aluminium, with a safety latch of sorts to help with slippage,  I must say its one of the better quality tools from China.

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